BIOS Update KIP1002 for Sony VAIO Desktop Computers.

  • PCV-RS102
  • PCV-RS104
  • PCV-RS112
  • PCV-RS114
  • PCV-RS122
  • PCV-RS122
  • PCV-RS123
  • PCV-RS142
  • PCV-RS144

This update program allows you to upgrade the BIOS up to version KIP1002.

This BIOS Update fixes following issue :

- Unit is not able to boot properly from VAIO Recovery Disc.

1. Download instructions :
1. Download the file "BIOSUpdate_KIP1002.exe" to a download directory (please note this directory for reference).

2. Extracting the needed files :

1. Go to the directory where the file was downloaded and double-click "BIOSUpdate_KIP1002.exe".
2. A WinZip Self-Extractor window will pop up. Click the Unzip Button. This will create a folder (KIP1002) on C: containing all needed files.
3. After extracting the files a message box appears with the notification : "7 file(s) unzipped successfully."

4. Click the OK button.

5. Click the Close button to to close the WinZip Self-Extractor window.

3. Updating the BIOS :

Important Notice :

  • Make sure to close all applications before starting the update process.
  • Do not remove the power while the BIOS upgrade is in process.
  • Do not stop the BIOS upgrade procedure while in progress.
  • Any of the above, could severely damage your system

1. Open Windows Explorer and go to : C:\KIP1002\.
2. Double click the file UpdBIOS.bat. This will start the BIOS Update Process.
3. Please wait, as the update of the BIOS continues to completion. Once the update is complete, A message will appear when BIOS Update has been successful.
4. Press any key to continue.

5. Shut down the VAIO Desktop completely.

4. How to check the BIOS version :

1. Turn on the VAIO Desktop.

2. Press F2 to enter BIOS Setup when Sony Logo appears

3. Confirm that the BIOS Version is "1002" in the BIOS Setup.

4. Press the F5 key to load default BIOS configuration. "Yes" is highlighted. Press Enter to confirm.
5. Press the F10 key to save changes and exit. "Yes" is highlighted. Press Enter to confirm.
6. After this your system will boot again and start up Windows.

Infos Fichier

Nom du fichier

  • BIOSUpdate_KIP1002.exe

Architecture du fichier

  • 32 bit

Taille du fichier

  • 381.5 Kb

Date de sortie

  • 10-94-2003