I cannot read files in DVgate Assemble that have been exported from Adobe Premiere 6.0.


NOTE: This applies to VAIOs with Windows 2000 and Windows Millennium preinstalled.

  1. Download instructions:
  1. Prepare a new folder and name itDownload.
  2. Download theAdobe DVGate Patch(English/French/German/Italian) file and place it in theDownloadfolder.
  3. When the download is complete, selectViewand clickDetailsin Windows Explorer. Check the size of the driver - If it is the same size your download has been successful. If the file size is different, delete the file you have downloaded and restart the download.
  1. Installation instructions:

2.1. Unzip the files:

  1. Double-click theDVG_AP_PI_xx.exeicon - TheWinZip Self-Extractordialogue box appears (xxindicates the downloaded language).
  2. In theUnzip to folderfield, select a folder to extract the files contained inDVG_AP_PI_xx.exe.
  3. ClickUnzip.
  4. Click OK.
  5. ClickClose.

2.2. Installation:

  1. Install Adobe Premiere 6.0.
  2. Double-click theDVgatePlug-in.exefile you have downloaded.
  3. Choose a folder where you want to extract the files contained in theDVgatePlug-in.exefile.
  4. ClickUnzip.
  5. Go to your selected directory.
  6. Double-clickSetup.exe.
  7. ClickNext.
  8. ClickFinish.
  9. TheDVgate Plug-in for Adobe Premiereis now installed.
  1. How to use this Plug-in:

Export a file from Adobe Premiere using the DVgate Plug-in:

  1. StartAdobe Premiere
  2. Open a movie with sound. (DVgate Plug-in cannot export pure video or pure audio).
  3. Open theExport Moviedialog box to specify the export movie: SelectFile, clickExport Clipand order.(check svp)
  4. Click theSettingsbutton which will in turn open theExport Movie Settingsdialog box.
  5. Click theLoadbutton, and open theLoad Export Settingsdialog box.
  6. SelectOutput Standard (or Widescreen) 32(or 48) kHzin theDVgate Plug-ins - NTSC (or PAL)folder, for theAvailable PresetsList.
  7. Click the OK button in theLoad Export Settingsdialog box.
  8. Click the OK button in theExport Movie Settingsdialog box.
  9. In theFile Namefield choose a name for your file.
  10. ClickSave.
  11. You can now use this file with DVgate Assemble.

Infos Fichier

Nom du fichier

  • DVG_AP_PI_FR.exe

Architecture du fichier

  • 32 bit

Taille du fichier

  • 1 Mb

Date de sortie

  • 71-52-2002