JogDial version patch



  • This solution applies only to the following models: PCG-X9, PCG-C1XD, PCG-Z600RE.
  • This patch resolves the following issue: When accessing the Hot Key (Luminosity, Volume,...) function with the JogDial, it is sometimes not possible to change the value selected - The JogDial still browses the main menu.
  • Make sure JogDial is properly installed.
  1. Download thePatch that solves problems selecting options with the JogDialfile from your models download section
  2. Double-click theJOGUPD.EXEfile that you have just downloaded to install the patch.
  3. Follow the on-screen instructions - Click OK and click OK again.
  4. Restart the VAIO - the installation of the JogDial patch is now complete.

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  • 32 bit

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  • 116 Kb

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  • 24-10-2001