Firmware Update VS04 for QSI SBW-241 (CD-RW/DVD Drive)
This program will update Firmware on the following VAIO Laptop models running Windows XP:






This Firmware update will solve following problem :

- Fix the problem of Recovery CD Creation error. Drive would sometimes fails to write at the outer area of CD-R.

Do not shutdown the unit while the Firmware update procedure is in progress.

Do not stop the Firmware update procedure while in progress.

Not following any of the above, could severely damage your system !!

Download the Upgrade:

1. Double click on "QSI_SBW241_FW_VS04.exe".

2. Select a folder, where this file will be saved to, for example C:\QSI

3. Click to "Save".

Extract the file to the harddisk:

1. Go to the folder where the file (QSI_SBW241_FW_VS04.exe) has been saved.

2. Double click "QSI_SBW241_FW_VS04.exe".

3. Make sure under "Unzip to folder" "C:\QSI SBW-241" is mentioned.

4. Then click to "Unzip". The files will be extracted to the folder (C:\QSI SBW-241).

5. When a window appears with "1 file(s) unzipped successfully", click OK.

6. Click to "Close" to close the application.

Upgrade instructions

1. Open the Windows Explorer and go to the following folder: "C:\QSI SBW-241".
2. Double click on "QSI SBW-241 (VS04)". This will start the update utility.

3. Choose the language you want to use. This will probably be English.
4. Read the instructions and than click on OK.

5. Click on Update to start the firmware-update.

6. Please do not turn off the PC until the upgrade is completed.

7. When the process ends, a screen will appear : Click OK than system will be restart.

8. You system will be restarted automatically

How to identify the new version?

1. Use the update tool to identify the new version.

2. Go to the following folder: "C:\QSI SBW-241"

3. Double click on the update tool: QSI SBW-241 (VS04)

4. Follow the instructions. Whan you get the Update-window,

you can see the version of the old Firnware

Infos Fichier

Nom du fichier

  • QSI_SBW241_FW_VS04.exe

Architecture du fichier

  • 32 bit

Taille du fichier

  • 532 Kb

Date de sortie

  • 92-87-2003