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Combien de chansons 360 Reality Audio prend-il en charge ?

Où puis-je obtenir du contenu 360 Reality Audio ?

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    Over 7000 tracks from various artists and categories are currently available in 360 Reality Audio format, with many more to come.

    360 Reality Audio content requires a subscription to a compatible online music service * 1 such as Deezer, nugs.net, or TIDAL * 2 (as of Fall 2020). Learn more about using 360 Reality Audio .

    * 1: Third-party applications, network services, content, operating system, and software for this product may be subject to specific terms and conditions. They can be changed, interrupted or canceled at any time and may require a fee, registration or credit card information. You need to connect the product to the wireless network.

    * 2: Xperia 5 II and Xperia 1 II's unique hardware decoder for enhanced 3D sound works when listening to music on TIDAL (as of fall 2020) and we will work with new partners in the future.